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More about Us
More about Us

Thank you for your interest in Concrete Works Statuary, Inc. We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality, and most affordable statuary that we can possibly make. We hope to ensure your confidence in and appreciation of our product through good service, and quality statuary at a low price.

Stains & Water Seal: We color our concrete with dye and acid stains that absorb into the piece, therefore, not chipping off like paint will. This gives more durability to the color of our items. Many of our items come stained; however, if you specifically request a different color than the one offered, there may be an additional 10% charge.
Concrete water sealer should be applied to statues every year to keep the moisture from absorbing into the concrete, which is what can cause cracking. Acid stained pieces are automatically sealed originally and should be good for the year. The pieces that have been simply dyed, but not sealed should be done by the customer upon purchase. The process is easily done with a paint brush. We can also apply a water sealer for anyone who would like it for an additional charge of 10%.

Colors Available: All statues are finished with a charcoal colored antiquing process that compliments the detail. If the customer would rather have the natural concrete with no color, this must be specified in the order. Most rock items come in a brown stain unless otherwise stated. Some animals, for example the shell of the turtles, the frogs and the bears etc. also come stained appropriately in greens, browns or blues, unless other- wise stated. If customers choose to paint their concrete, this must be done before water seal is applied and we recommend the use of acrylic paint with an acrylic water seal over the top.

Winter Care: Living in an area with harsh winters, we first recommend that if at all possible you bring any concrete statuary indoors to keep it out of the extreme weather conditions. Freezing of concrete with any internal moisture is what you want to avoid. If unable to move statuary indoors, then while it is dry, cover with a tarp and secure at the bottom. Apply a water sealer annually, and protect the concrete from absorbing as much moisture as possible. Pumps can be disconnected from the tubing and stored in a bucket of water thereby keeping the seals moist until being reinstalled in the spring. Also avoid adding very cold water to extremely hot concrete because that can also cause cracking. Simply fill birdbaths and fountain bowls in the morning or evening.

Safety: When setting up fountains, shims may be needed for leveling. All pieces should be secured together with silicone for stability and safety.
Also, to make a fountain water-tight, silicone should be used around the pump cord where it exits the bowl as well as around the tubing at the top of the fountain to keep the water from flowing back down the outside of the tube.

Pumps, Tubing and Lights: These items are available for sale with their corresponding fountains. Please see order sheets for more information.

Repairs: If needed, we recommend making any necessary repairs on cracked concrete with 100% clear silicone or with epoxy.

Cleaning: Water marks can be removed with a mixture of muratic acid diluted in water. Attention: Follow the Safety precautions on label when handling any acid!
Algae can be cleared away by simply putting bleach in the water; however, do not use bleach if you have fish, animals or plants in the water. There are also other ingredients made for this that are environmentally safe.

Warranty: After delivery, Concrete Works Statuary, Inc. will not be held responsible for any broken or damaged items. We will replace any piece in the instance of a manufacturing defect. Concrete Works Statuary, Inc. will not be held responsible for items that have cracked due to weather exposure or freezing temperatures.

Copyrights: All of our items are copyrighted pieces, many being our own, creative originals. We have spent a great deal of time and effort, as well as capital in creating the highest quality in our molds and statues. As for the molds we purchase, they too, are protected by copyright laws.New Text Area

Curtiss & Laura